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You’re Too Busy: Closed Doors Not Opening – Part 2

So, many doors have been opening up in my life recently. I’ve been invited to speak about my book and I’ve been getting more clients for my business, but I can’t help but realize that these opportunities came forth simultaneously as I let others go. Before getting to this point, I would question God’s timing. Lord, “Is this really your plan?”, “Lord, why is this not happening?”, “Lord,” “Lord,” “Lord!” Come to find out, I was prolonging these opportunities from coming about. How so? I was too busy for God to open up these new doors for me. I had a million and one doors opened already, and two out of three of them were opened by me. I forced my way into doing things because I couldn’t be still and know that He is God. I couldn’t be patient and just focus on cultivating what He has given me already. I was growing weary, carrying a larger portion than was meant for me to carry, just so that people can look at my portion and see that it was big! Can I be real with you? I just had too much going on, a lot of things, plans, and

What it Means to be a Queen

I had a dream a few nights ago and I don’t usually share my dreams but I learned so much from this one! In my dream, there was a royal ball happening. My husband was the king, and I was the queen, but it was also like a pageant. All these women were at the ball competing to take my place as queen and marry my husband. So during the interviews, these ladies, dressed up in these fancy ball gowns and evening dresses, would go before my husband’s throne and tell him why they would make a great wife to him. I couldn’t see their faces… I had to serve at their feet, so I was on my knees picking up scrap pieces of paper from around the throne. I looked up at the throne to see if the woman’s eyes had captured my husband’s. But to my surprise, he was slouched in his chair like he didn’t wan to be there, and he was looking right back at me. This was during the last interview and around the time I had just about finished picking up the scrap pieces of paper. Then the interview was over, and the next

You’re not Ready: Closed Doors not Opening! – PART 1

You have this goal, this aspiration; there’s something you want to achieve, something you want to come to pass. You wonder why things aren’t working out. You wonder why you’ve failed time and time again. Well, you weren’t ready, and you didn’t know it. You’ve heard the saying, “What God has for you is for you” and that’s true. But, you can miss out on what God has for you if you lack patience, self-control, and wisdom. Sometimes we sabotage what God has for us because when He tells us “you’re not ready,” we choose to go forth without dedicating time to any preparations or true growth. The “you’re not ready” signal can come in many forms. You know that the Lord is telling you, “you’re not ready” when you are learning that you didn’t know. Yesterday my husband taught me something. He said that the process of knowing is a cycle. First, you don’t know that you don’t know. Next, you find out that you don’t know. Then, you know that you know. Lastly, you don’t know that you know. He compared it to a kid learning to ride a bike for the first time. The first time the

Karolyne Roberts Shares her Platform on Raising Literacy Rates in Haiti

Mrs. Anse-A-Veau International shares her platform for raising illiteracy awareness in the Haitian community. Voting for the pageant begins on March 1rst 2014 on Links:

“The Truth about Worrying” Bible Study

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the things of the world and allow worrisome thoughts to invade our minds. Many times I’ve felt like I’ve missed the mark. I feared not having enough strength to accomplish my worldly goals and I had absolutely no peace. I had to realize that God does not intend or desire for me to live a life of worry. As a child of the King, who has been made righteous through Christ, God is going to take care of me.  The points that I will examine during this bible study are as follows. God takes care of us because: God is good He value’s us For His glory All we need is in Him The passage of scripture I will be focusing on today is Luke 12:22-34 1. It’s a Kingdom Principle Let’s start off with Luke 12:24 (NKJV) where Jesus states: “Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds? Sewing and reaping is a Kingdom principle This Kingdom principle can be found in Galatians 6:7-9 which says: 7Do not be deceived,

Limited Time Offer! Before Saying “Yes” to the Ring (Offer has ended)

Every year around Valentines day people get caught up in different emotions and ideologies concerning love. Therefore, I thought it would be a great time to put my book on sale so that people will have the opportunity to purchase and read about true Love, what that looks like and what that means. It will be ONLY $10 for the first 25 people! In my book, I also talk about my story as it pertains to the search of that true love and address the question “Am I ready to be engaged?”

Will you be remembered?

Yesterday morning I read an article about this young lady, Joyce Vincent, and I was immediately confronted with somewhat of a big ballon of fear weighted down at the pit of my stomach. Why? Because she was a woman who the world deemed “successful”, who seemed to be very social, happy, and so on… but she was found as a dead skeleton in her apartment, 3 YEARS AFTER SHE DIED! During these three years, no one remembered her. She had lost touch with friends, family, and sisters . She was found dead with half wrapped Christmas presents that she planned on giving out, shopping bags in her hands, and the t.v still playing before her as she lay on the couch–for three years! The reason I was confronted with such fear was because I couldn’t help to see parts of myself from hearing Joyce’s story. There were points in my life, where I wondered… If I died, would anyone care? or even notice? If you ask many of those who I went to school with, they will tell you, I used to do a very good job at becoming “ghost” to the world. My past year in college,  I went

My Recap of 2013!!!

I learned faith, and that faith without works is dead. 1. God promised me a lot of things that would happen in 2013. I believed Him and I knew that they’d come to pass. But one thing I had to learn, was that I had o step out in faith in order for God to do His part and operate in my life. So God told me that I would have a business. In 2013 I wrote my first business plan, applied for a business program at my school, and was awarded office space, a grant to fund my business, and a year-round opportunity to get free advice from business professionals such as CPA’s, CEO’s, etc. Now my business is incorporated and my husband and I serve the community through photography, graphic design, and web design.   2. God told me that I would get married and have my own family one day. I did not know that I’d meet my husband this year, but I did my part. I was on my face before God praying for my future husband. I was in His word and pursuing purity as He prepared me and prepared my husband. Then God brought my